broken-hearted is not the end of world

honestly, i don’t know how to start this story, but i will try to verbalize it to you. 🙂

well, i write this post for someone who doesn’t know who i am. few minutes ago, i read a post from another blog which tell me about broken heart, her broken heart. she wrote her feeling down to her blog’s post, and i realized that i wanna do something though she will never know what i do now.

I just wanna say something to broken-hearted people in this world, especially girl to keep the spirit because it’s not the end of world. beside that, you must know that God  gives the best things for you, he always works all the time, makes the most perfect way. then, there are some people who cares of you, wants to try to cheer you up, make you smile, wipe away all of your tears, and accompany you until morning through the night . so don’t be sad, keep your power, and feel the blessings around you. this life is beautiful. finally, i suggest you to pray, and believe that you’ll find someone betterin the future. trust it !

yeahh, everything will be good in time 🙂


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