Create Your Luck, Change Your Life

Luck. everyone knows about luck, but do they really know what the luck is? yap, some of them will say that luck is something we can’t create.  i bet it.

Well, this time i wanna give you a very good news, there is “we can create our own luck”. maybe you think i’m crazy, but it’s real. so, let me tell you how it works.

first of all, if you wanna be lucky, the best way to get it is create it by yourself. so, how could you start it? these are the tips to create your own luck

1. Believe

you must believe, you must change your mindset, and think that you’re lucky. sounds ridiculous, but in fact, our unconscious mind cannot see the difference between dream, and reality.

2. Working Hard

Working hard is the biggest aspect to make your own luck. as Gary prayer said “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. you can try this if you don’t believe me. you will get what you want if you keep working hard all the time, your dreams will come true. i can giye you a guarantee. Remember, working hard is not always hard to do.

3. Never Give Up

Yap, you must never give up to be luck, everyday you’re lucky, but it backs to your respond when you face problems. Luck is everywhere, you just need to don’t give up to catch it.

4. Open Your Eyes

There are many opportunities, and aspects which you can turn into luck. just open your eyes, and absolutely, you will find it.

5. Give, give, give

you must give anything to others, help others without thinking about the things they can give you. if you can do it, your luck will come to you. because giving is taking.

i think that’s it. try to do that in your live, i’m sure that’s true 🙂


see you


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