How To Creates Miracle In Your Life

A miracle is an unusual, unexplainable and desirable event in your life. Some people pray for a miracle while others meditate on one. Some people do not believe in them while others live their lives for them. You can create miracles in your everyday life! Here is how.

Things You’ll Need

* Faith/belief
* Patience
* Intuition
* Desire
* Dreams


1  Verbalize, write or mentally determine a desire or goal. Combining all three will make the energy that much stronger. You will probably have more than one; yet one will stand out, never allowing you rest.

2  Visualize that desire/goal daily. Talk about it either to a confidant or to yourself. Write about it. Pray or meditate upon it. Take any necessary steps toward it that are possible or reasonable to you. Do not allow negative thoughts to enter in.

3 Give thanks in advance for the miracle that is going to be bestowed upon you continuing to not allow any negative self talk or thought to enter in or discourage you.

4 Know when you have arrived! Accept what you are given open handedly whether it is the desired goal or an unexpected gift.


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