My dream :)

Hi Readers
today i want to share about my dream, my future

i’ve designed my own future for my life. i believe that soon or late, this will come true.
i will achieve what i want

there are my dreams

1.  get my financial freedom before i’m 25 (2017)
i’m 19 now, and i wanna achieve my first $1.000.000 soon. i wanna be a successful entepreneur, and fill my family’s day with smile and happiness. So i’m looking for my passive income from now

2. Being Successful Entepreneur
Entepreneur? I love this word. I knew that i’ll be entepreneur, build my bussiness and get more than $1.000.000 from that. i want to have a wonderful day, and enjoy my career because i love it

3. Being Motivational Speaker
i love to give the motivation to the others. i’ve friend, and he has changed now. at that time i feel so happy, extremely happy because my words can change his life. After that beautiful moment, my heart told me,  and i wanted to be the motivational speaker. i want to provide million inspirations and positive impacts to others lives
but before i’ll be the motivational speaker, i must build my bussiness and be successful. that’s the most important requirement to be the motivational speaker. everyone needs proof

4. Being Best-Seller Author
I like writing though i don’t have experience, i’ll make my own book about motivation. principles of success, and it will help other to get their dream

maybe that’s all at this time
so wish it could come true
i believe that my success will happen someday.. an i’ll be on top
just wait and see
i’m michael alexander
see ya

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