In this world, i bet that everyone really wants to have $1.000.000, but why not everyone get $1.000.000?

well, today i wanna share about my thought. that’s why i give “$1.000.000” as the title of this post.
i’ve not earned $1.000.000, but i’m so sure that i will get it in the future (before i’m 25). these are the main cause why not everyone get $1.000.000

1. They don’t have goal
Most people who live in this world never decide their target. they let their life flows like water, they don’t expect something, and just thinking about something that can make them happy. They focused to temporary happiness, and finally they get nothing in future. so, i’s better if you set your target now, create your dream book, visualize it, and finally don’t forget to take ACTION. TAKING ACTION is the most important thing to get your financial freedom, your $1.000.000

2. They hate Problems, and always try to avoid it
Problems? No one likes it, but you won’t be successful if you always avoid the problem. you must be positive so that you can see the the different point of view, and find the benefit of problem. i bet you can learn something from every problem that happened in your life. it’s like rains, after the rains fell down softly upon your fields, you will see the rainbow. life is like that natural phenomenon. You will find the happiness behind the painful things

3. Use your time wisely
Manage your time wisely because your time is your money, your happiness, and everything. If you can use your time wisely you will get the unlimited happiness, wealth, and everything. you must use your time wisely

4. Find your passion
there are million ways to get $1.000.000. so you must work with your passion, find your passion, and you will forget the time when you work because you like it very much
you love working hard, and remember working is not always hard

5. Dream Big, and Think Big

Why you must think, and dream big? if you cannot believe that your dreams will come true, nothing happen for sure. so believe that it will happen, and dream big. you must dare to make a big goal, because some people feels so hard to think that they’ve earned million dollar. if they can’t think about it, how could they achieve it?

well that’s all, maybe these are the simple tips from me
wish u could get some inspiration from it

thank you

i’m Michael
Keep Spirit, Keep Smiling


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